Have a question about basketball, soccer or camp please call us at (561) 738-1984.

Yes Youth Co-Ed Soccer Academy Clinics









Ages: Pre K – 5th

Dates: October 20th – December 15th – All clinics on Sundays!

Sign-Up Deadline: December 13th

Price: $150

Location – Somerset Academy – 9385 Boynton Beach Blvd.

YES Soccer Clinics

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  • Terms and Conditions

    By enrolling my child in Yale Education and Sports, Inc. (YES) Programs at the Faith United Methodist Church, I understand and agree to the terms as stated on this registration page.

    In the event of an emergency, if I am unable to be contacted, I hereby grant permission to the YES to authorize any emergency action necessary to ensure my child's safety.


    Full payment is required for all programs at time of enrollment. Program schedules, prices and content are subject to change without notice.

    Registration Deadline: Unless otherwise indicated, registration deadlines are one week prior to the beginning date of all programs. In the event a registrant wishes to cancel a registration, a credit or refund of the full registration fee, less $10.00 will be issued providing the cancellation is made prior to the registration deadline. NO REFUNDS OR CREDITS will be given after the registration deadline date.


    Participation in any YES activities and use of any recreational facilities involves a risk of accidental injury despite all safety precautions. Having been informed of the activities to be conducted by Yale Entertainment and Sports, Inc., we as an individual and/or as a parent and/or legal guardian of the participants named herein, assume all risks and hazards, incidental to the activities and release from all responsibility and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Yale Entertainment and Sports, Inc., its officers, directors, independent contractors, volunteers and all employees for any illness or injury to me or my children and/or family members occurring during their participation in any activities or use of any recreational facilities at or conducted by the Yale Entertainment and Sports, Inc. I/We hereby grant permission for the YES and/or its agents to photograph and/or video tape the above named registrant during their participation in activities or use of recreational facilities at the YES. If further authorize the use of any such photos and/or videos for any promotional and/or documentary purpose without compensation. I have read and agree to the YES's policies on refunds, cancellations, credits, transfers and program policy as well as the liability waiver.

    I HAVE READ AND AGREE to the YES's policies on refunds, cancellations, credits and transfers and the YES program policy and liability waiver.

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